Liquid-Dispensing Hairbrush

Regrolix® hairbrush (U.S. Patent No. 9,486,062) is a liquid-dispensing hairbrush. The hairbrush's unique construction stores liquid (e.g. treatment solution) inside the brush and facilitates application of a proper amount of solution to the scalp during hair brushing, while avoiding any wetting of the hair with the solution. Each bristle of the brush is similar to a roller-ball pen, where a tiny ball fastened to the end of the bristle emits liquid only when the ball touches the user's scalp. The user fills the brush with solution through the handle. The brush is constructed from a transparent material in order to enable the user to see the amount of solution inside the brush. The back of the brush has a milliliter scale and incorporates a dosage slider, so that the user can conveniently see and control the amount of liquid dispensed during application. The brush also has a removable cover over the bristles to prevent evaporation of solution when the brush is not used.

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